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Kristal Industrial is a company of the Kilit Group of Companies established by Galeri Kristal in 1997. We mainly serve in tourism sector. The moment the architectural plans of the hotels are finished, we step in and undertake project design, production and installation processes of food and beverage areas.

Since we are a company that produces and implements projects, the service we offer for the hotels begins with this sense. From A to Z, we design and produce food and beverage areas, chilling groups, and open buffets of the hotels. The installation projects of these areas are also gets prepared by us. We also produce cold room panels and cooling groups ourselves. Right now there is no other company in the world that offers services like ours. Because, we are able to gather 5 different jobs under the same roof.

Our product range is quite wide. For this reason, we separated our company’s structure into five different groups; industrial kitchen, open buffet, cooling groups, laundry department and technical service department. Each of these groups has independent, separate professional management units.

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