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Galeri Kristal is a very successful company in the region. Can we get to know it a bit more?

Kilit Group of Companies founded by Turan Kilit in 1955, started operating under the name of Kristal Glassware and Retail Home Equipment and became an expert in hotel equipment sector over time. By using the advantage of the region, with visionary perspective and disciplined working principles, today Galeri Kristal has risen to the first rank of the sector by being separated from innovative, pioneer and supplier companies with its more than 50.000 different products by 3/1 of it being in constant active sale.

What does Galeri Kristal mean for hotel owners?

If we speak about our region, Antalya is home to more than 1000 hotels that could be labelled as luxury facilities. Moreover, it has the capacity and potential to welcome tourists from every corner of the world, both in terms of city and facilities… For this reason, hotel managements are changing their concepts every year in order to be able to serve their guests better, to create difference and to make themselves look more attractive. Or they need to fill in their parts decreased during season.

This is where Galeri Kristal comes in and ensures that every product that is needed by the hotels can be reached in a short time, by providing them from our showroom, abroad or domestic areas. More than that, our showroom is Europe’s biggest, which is a very important point that should not be overlooked. There is an interesting situation here… Alongside our own productions, we also represent many major brands like Paşabahçe, Güral Porcelain, Kütahya Porcelain, Porland etc. Although these brands have their own showrooms in Antalya, they direct their customers to Galeri Kristal, so they can see more products than what is already in their own stocks. This situation developed spontaneously within market, and it gives us a mission to follow our stocks studiously and to not leave any incomplete product that belongs to those brands during season. In short, for hotel owners, Galeri Kristal is a company where they can instantly supply every product they need. In addition to this, they are sure that they will be able to import any appreciated product through us in a very short period of time.

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