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Recently, we are creating and marketing not only products but also projects and also manifesting boutique productions. By designing exclusive cutlery packs for our customers, we bring the elegance and power of their brands into the kitchen accessories. We have recently implemented two major projects. The first one of these projects, which are very prestigious for us, were the project of Max Royal Hotel of ETS Group in Belek. The other one is Delphin Imperial Hotel Project which was opened in Lara-Kundu in April 2012. All kitchen accessories of both hotels were supplied by Ar Yıldız. The cutlery and spoon sets of both hotels were produced as special designs that would fit hotels’ concepts and have no equal. Just like a jewel… We worked with our designers and our engineering team on this subject with an endless devotion. As a result, we and our customers have enjoyed the stylish, elegant and long-lasting productions.

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