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Sectors and Companies

Tourism - Hotels

Kilit Group, with its educated, experienced, business-loving, smiling and professional team who knows the dynamics of the tourism sector well, hotel and accommodation sector under Crystal Hotels and Nirvana brands with 19 5-star hotels.

Hotel - Industrial - Kitchen Equipments

Kilit Group operates in hotel and restaurant equipment wholesale and retail sector under Galeri Kristal brand, in industrial kitchen equipment sector under Kristal Industrial brand and in kitchen equipment sector under Ar-Yıldız brand with its 2 factories, 30 stores and 250 dealer network.


Kilit Group of Companies began its activities in 1955 and under the name of "Galeri Kristal" the company found its place among sector’s innovator and leading companies with its breakthroughs and more than 50.000 different products. The group entered textile sector in early 2010 and made MaxStyle brand reach many locations in a short period of time. MaxStyle has a wide range of products and is adding new varieties into its structure every day.


Kilit Et was established in Dereli Village in Döşemealtı District of Antalya in 2010, initially on a 28000 m2 farm area and operates in cattle breeding and milk production sectors. Kilit Et, which now works on an area of 110000 m2, has designated making healthy and reliable productions as its main aim.