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Kilit Group of Companies founded by Turan Kilit in 1955 and started operating under the name of Kristal Glassware and Retail Home Equipment’s. In following years, brothers Süleyman Kilit, Tuncay Kilit and Taner Kilit acceded to the company management and became experts in hotel equipment sector. Under the name of Galeri Kristal, the company found its place among sector’s innovator and leading companies with its more than 50.000 different products.

In 1996, Kristal Kimya became active in order to produce hotel guest amenities called “consumables”.

Since the first day they started operating, Kilit brothers have adopted the concept of continuous development in the sector they have been in, and pursued all kinds of technical and technological developments in this direction and they founded Kristal Industrial Kitchen Industry and Trade Co. Ltd. in 1997, thus started to operate in the field of industrial kitchen equipment design and production.

In 2007, with a new breakthrough, the group bought the shares of the Ar Yıldız factory, added the company to its own segment and aimed to present the entire range of innovative products of the world market to its customers in this sector in the best possible way.

Kilit Group of Companies has also made investments in tourism, animal husbandry and health sectors. It aims to contribute to the development of the industry by working as a bridge between companies and customers by sharing its know-how and experience while constantly renewing itself.

20 Hotels
3 Factories
30 Shops
8500 Employees

Kilit Group is an establishment that targets quality, trust and innovative understanding…