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Although MaxStyle is still a very young brand we see that its products have reached many places to be sold in a short time. How was this success achieved in such a short time? MaxStyle may be a young brand, but it is a reflection of Kilit Group’s 17 years of experience in textile sector. We were already in the market with a different brand name before. We mainly presented hotel textile products. Then, our increasing experience led us in the direction of market’s needs and goals and we entered the sector with a brand new formation.

In 2010, we could say we have re-entered the sector with MaxStyle brand, which has products and designs for the creation of our own line. We started to provide hotel textile, home textile, curtain-upholstery fabrics and furniture product services in our 7000m2 showroom in Antalya. We have reached approximately 200 spots in Turkey by attending fairs. And this time, our aim is to open up to the world. Even in Europe, there is no other company that offers all these product groups at once and in such a high variety. So our success is inevitable.

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